[Thread] So a lawyer, a preacher, and a t-rex walk into a bar.

Ooc: Know this place is closed down, but a few of us were hankering to play with our old puppets. Pay no mind to the dino-freaks and the cute blonde girl.

Characters: Ryuuzaki, Kenzan, Rebecca
Setting: The place where Kenzan had an encounter with a T-rex.
Summary: Ryuuzaki, Kenzan, and Rebecca go camping and hunting for dino bones.

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OOC: Okay then.

Seeing as how there was NO response to my last post (other than Kat, Josie, and Kchan, so thank you) I guess it's safe to say that CL is closing.

It was fun and we ran a lot longer than the average single-fandom RPG, so that's good, and I hope people had fun while they were here, but I agree that it's better to just let it fade than to drag it out when the interest has died off.

I'm not going to delete anything, so you can all come back and read them whenever you want. I had a great time RPing with you all and it was really awesome to be the mod for such a talented group of writers. ♥

-- Ankhi

OOC: *brushes off dust and sits*

Hey guys, come have a chat with me.

So this place has like... overdosed on sleeping pills and gone into hibernation, huh? Partly that's my fault, I was away at SakuraCon and stuff, and then some other things have since come up, and unemployment has gotten to the point where it's no longer "extended vacation" but "oh god if I don't get some cash they're gonna reposses my car".

And a bunch of you know that I since started econtra_rpg (hell, half of you have joined already) and though I had intended to run both of them, well... that's becoming a little difficult.

This place will always be my RP baby and so I'm asking you guys this: If you want me to work it up again and bring it back, then I will. But even before I went away, this place has kinda been on the downslope, and you guys know that too. When you visit the Comm's Flist, it's empty. That means there's been no posts in the last two weeks, from any journal associated with this RPG.

So I'm asking your opinions on it, and you can say whatever you want, either way.
Timaeus []


Characters: Timaeus, anyone else
Summary: Bored, Timaeus goes for a walk to clear his head
Notes/Warnings: Um, K-chan is bored? XD

Timaeus walked down the street, enjoying the warmth of the spring air. He'd been, as he put it, cooped up for far too long, and he felt the need to stretch his legs (and make sure his ankle was fully healed, just like the doctor had said it would be). Being a Saturday, the streets were fairly busy, and Timaeus walked along, having no particular destination to go, just feeling the need to wander wherever the mood took him.

[Tag: anyone!]

[We Wish You Well]

Sincerest apologies, but I'm dropping out, :\ The muse is dead, and you can only beat a dead horse for so long before you realise that it's gone. I had fun while I was here though!

So yes. Please to be removing this from your flists.

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Moving In

Characters: Amelda, Vivian, Michelle
Summary: Amelda moves in with his sweetheart and her sister...

"Ok! That should do it!" Amelda said to the moving guys as they finished loading up the truck. The redhead took one last look around the area. He realized he wouldn't miss a damn thing about the area. It was a nightmare, pure and simple...his best friend had even died here.

It was time to move on.

He hopped into the front cab with the other two moving guys as they headed towards the north side of Domino.

Upon approaching Vivian's house, he flipped open his cell to buzz her that he was on his way with his stuff.

[tag, Viv!]
"Truth" [seer; confident]

Secrets always come out...

Characters: Isis, Malik
Summary: Isis tells her brother what's been on her mind lately, and why she's been keeping secrets. Takes place after this RP.


In a way, this was going to be a relief for Isis. She hadn't wanted to keep anything from her brothers, and although she'd never outright lied about what was going on, she had certainly glossed over the subject and that wasn't right. They'd had enough things come between them as children, she didn't want him to feel as though he could not trust her.

She had debated whether or not to have this meeting in public or in private; weighing the options of each. In the end she had gone with private, because Malik's temper was sometimes unpredictable.

Isis had just made herself some green tea (it was a lifesaver, the only thing that seemed to calm her down anymore) and waited in her room for whenever Malik got back from... wherever it was he'd gone.

[Tag: Little brother]