Siegfried von Schroider (OU) (sieggyrose) wrote in ygo_citylights,
Siegfried von Schroider (OU)

Queer Eye for the Prehistoric Guy

Characters: Kenzan, Siegfried
Location: Ummm... The shopping district
Summary: Siegfried makes certain Kenzan is going to be presentable for his party.

It was rare for Siegfried to take time off from work, but for fashion's sake, he could pull himself from the office. And if Kenzan was going to serve snacks at his and Yakou's party, Siegfried had already decided that he should do it fashionably.

Siegfried's driver pulled to a stop at the apartment building, and Siegfried went up to knock. It crossed his mind to wonder whether or not he'd have to teach Kenzan how to serve the guests, but he'd deal with that issue when he came to it. First, Kenzan had to look the part.
Tags: kenzan, siegfried
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