Isis Ishtar (egyptianoracle) wrote in ygo_citylights,
Isis Ishtar

Secrets always come out...

Characters: Isis, Malik
Summary: Isis tells her brother what's been on her mind lately, and why she's been keeping secrets. Takes place after this RP.


In a way, this was going to be a relief for Isis. She hadn't wanted to keep anything from her brothers, and although she'd never outright lied about what was going on, she had certainly glossed over the subject and that wasn't right. They'd had enough things come between them as children, she didn't want him to feel as though he could not trust her.

She had debated whether or not to have this meeting in public or in private; weighing the options of each. In the end she had gone with private, because Malik's temper was sometimes unpredictable.

Isis had just made herself some green tea (it was a lifesaver, the only thing that seemed to calm her down anymore) and waited in her room for whenever Malik got back from... wherever it was he'd gone.

[Tag: Little brother]
Tags: isis, malik
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