yakou_tenma (yakou_tenma) wrote in ygo_citylights,

Housewarming party

[[OOC: Here's the deal! You're all invited to the party, so feel free to come on in to mix and mingle. I'll be setting up threads for greeting guests and for hanging out with other partygoers. Feel free to jump in any time. If anyone is interested, the floor plan of the house looks like this: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v714/SilvorMoon/2711_Edinurgh_House_Annex.jpg

Enjoy the party!]]

Yakou patrolled the house, making certain that everything was in perfect order. He had already asked the housekeeper to give the place a thorough cleaning, but he still couldn't resist poking around and seeing for himself that nothing was out of place. But no, there wasn't a speck of dust on anything, nor were there any crooked pictures on the wall or crooked rugs on the floor. The vases of fresh flowers set out here and there were still looking fresh. He checked to make certain that the doors to the offices were locked so that no nosy visitors could go pawing through any corporate secrets. Satsified that everything was as it should be, he retreated to his studio to pass the time until people started showing up. On a whim, he began setting up easels to display a few of his latest works.
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