yakou_tenma (yakou_tenma) wrote in ygo_citylights,

A computer is a dangerous weapon

Characters: Yakou, Siegfried
Setting: The home front, evening

Yakou sat before his computer, contentedly typing. He liked having an office of his own - it was so much more convenient than trying to do everything in his bedroom, or else while sitting on the living room sofa. He was certain he was accomplishing things more efficiently this way. Even now he was wrapping up his latest report for the I2 main office, which would mean he had accomplished all his goals for the day. He added the final lines, read over the letter to make certain there were no mistakes in it. Satisfied that all was well, he e-mailed it away to its destination and turned the computer off.

With that done, he turned his attention to a stack of envelopes that were sitting patiently on his desk, and contemplated the possibility of ignoring them until the morning. Just because he had the money to pay his bills didn't mean he liked doing so. Still, he had intended to send them in with the morning mail, and that meant it would probably be best to go ahead and get them taken care of. He took out his checkbook and began making out checks to the various people wanting money from him. He reassured himself that once this was done, he would be free to do whatever he pleased for the rest of the evening. He filled out the checks absently, wondering whether or not Siegfried was done with his work and what he might feel like doing tonight.

Then he stopped and took a second look at one of the papers. He frowned. Setting the paper aside, he reached for a nearby file cabinet and began searching through the folders there. He pulled out a seemingly identical bill and laid it alongside the first one. He looked at them both long and hard. For a moment, he looked almost angry, but that expression was quickly replaced by a small, foxlike smile. It suggested that someone, somewhere, was in deep trouble, and that Yakou was going to enjoy escorting him there. He turned his computer back on, flexed his fingers, and began the hunt.
Tags: siegfried, yakou
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