. (ankhutenshi) wrote in ygo_citylights,

OOC: *brushes off dust and sits*

Hey guys, come have a chat with me.

So this place has like... overdosed on sleeping pills and gone into hibernation, huh? Partly that's my fault, I was away at SakuraCon and stuff, and then some other things have since come up, and unemployment has gotten to the point where it's no longer "extended vacation" but "oh god if I don't get some cash they're gonna reposses my car".

And a bunch of you know that I since started econtra_rpg (hell, half of you have joined already) and though I had intended to run both of them, well... that's becoming a little difficult.

This place will always be my RP baby and so I'm asking you guys this: If you want me to work it up again and bring it back, then I will. But even before I went away, this place has kinda been on the downslope, and you guys know that too. When you visit the Comm's Flist, it's empty. That means there's been no posts in the last two weeks, from any journal associated with this RPG.

So I'm asking your opinions on it, and you can say whatever you want, either way.
Tags: *mod post, *ooc
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