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[Thread] So a lawyer, a preacher, and a t-rex walk into a bar.

Ooc: Know this place is closed down, but a few of us were hankering to play with our old puppets. Pay no mind to the dino-freaks and the cute blonde girl.

Characters: Ryuuzaki, Kenzan, Rebecca
Setting: The place where Kenzan had an encounter with a T-rex.
Summary: Ryuuzaki, Kenzan, and Rebecca go camping and hunting for dino bones.

Ryuuzaki wanted to go see the dinosaur bones. Or at least the place where the bones had been before the rock slide which had gotten Kenzan a dinosaur bone graft. According to Kenzan, they were close to the place.

But camp had to be set up first. Shelter before pleasure and all that. So Ryuuzaki moved along methodically, taking care of things that needed to be done. At least he wasn't alone since Rebecca and Kenzan were along. He remembered that Rebecca had worked with her grandfather a lot, and so probably knew how to set camp. And Kenzan had muscles upon muscles to make for light work.

So it wouldn't be too long before they could go try to find dinosaur bones!
Tags: kenzan, rebecca, ryuuzaki
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