Go fish!

Characters: Siegfried and anyone at Ryuuzaki's place
Location: Ryuuzaki's place
Summary: Siegfried keeps his promise to the cat.

Siegfried eyed Ryuuzaki's apartment door and sighed. He hadn't expected to be back so soon. But he had promised caviar to the cat, and after Yakou's pointing out cats' association with magic, he had no desire to snub the feline. And so he'd come back with a tin of caviar.

When he knocked, Siegfried heard Ryuuzaki call out to "hold his horses." When the door opened, Siegfried saw that Ryuuzaki was his normal casually dishevelled self, but he hadn't expected otherwise. He casually stepped by Ryuuzaki. "Good day, Herr Ryuuzaki. Be a dear and open this for your cat."

Siegfried thrust the tin at Ryuuzaki, who looked at it and sighed. "She totally doesn't need this, Siegfried-sama."

You're Invited!

[OOC: This is mailed out to various friends, relatives, co-workers, and just about everyone else Yakou and Siegfried know. Basically, if you can think of an excuse to be at the party, you're invited. :-) ]

You are cordially invited to a housewarming party at the home of Siegfried von Schroider and Yakou Tenma, on the night of Tuesday, March 27, beginning at seven o'clock. Food and beverages will be provided. Dress code is semi-formal. Feel free to bring a guest, but please let us know ahead of time to ensure an accurate head count. No gifts are required - we request only the pleasure of your company.


Yakou Tenma
Siegfried von Schroider

Queer Eye for the Prehistoric Guy

Characters: Kenzan, Siegfried
Location: Ummm... The shopping district
Summary: Siegfried makes certain Kenzan is going to be presentable for his party.

It was rare for Siegfried to take time off from work, but for fashion's sake, he could pull himself from the office. And if Kenzan was going to serve snacks at his and Yakou's party, Siegfried had already decided that he should do it fashionably.

Siegfried's driver pulled to a stop at the apartment building, and Siegfried went up to knock. It crossed his mind to wonder whether or not he'd have to teach Kenzan how to serve the guests, but he'd deal with that issue when he came to it. First, Kenzan had to look the part.


Hey everyone! This is lavaliere, your local Ryou-mun letting you know that I've picked up Yuugi as well! I hoping to bring him back into the swing of things, and you bet I'll try and stick to the present storyline! ♥ Hope to RP with you all soon!
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Home, home on the range!

Characters: Siegfried, Yakou
Location: The new house
Summary: The boys' first night in their new home.

Siegfried paced through the house, admiring the work which had been done. Overall, he found himself pleased with the results. The as yet unpacked boxes detracted somewhat, or course, but that would be remedied soon enough.

Siegfried's wandering led him into Yakou's studio. He paused in the doorway to admire the job done. The new window provided ample lighting, and Siegfried hoped that it was everything Yakou could want in a studio. "Very nice," he murmured to himself.